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Welcome to the home of our online family tree where we are thrilled to open the doors and take you on a virtual journey recounting our family history.

Within these digital walls you’ll find a treasure trove of 6,000+ people and 1,000+ photographs/documents. It’s where long-past ancestors and much cherished living relatives can naturally coexist on the same page.

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We dig deep to verify records

Secret 'Y-Services'

After completing 8 weeks of basic RAF training, Derek, Bleth, and Brad, were posted to a ‘trade training camp' elsewhere to continue their military instruction. Their adventure was about to begin.. ..

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Double Murder

One of the most frightful and cold-blooded tragedies it has ever been our duty to record has been enacted at a spot called Sterling-Green, Clavering, a village on the boarders of Essex and Herts.

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Graveyard Find

Derek Blethyn finds the graves of his 4 x Gt-Grandparents Robert Rowe and Louisa Allum, in Blyford, Suffolk. He had been to the Queens Head public house less than 50 Mtrs across the road, many times before, but didn't know they were there.

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Who's anniversary is it today, tomorrow or even next month?

See births, marriages deaths, and other types of anniversary all on the same calendar, including links to individual records

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More Than Just A Quest For Names and Dates

Genealogy, the study of family history, involves the research and meticulous examination of the relationship between any given person and their bloodline across the generations. The natural course is to include siblings, cousins, and others that you might find, and so the family tree begins to grow.

But genealogy is so much more than just a quest for names and dates. Beyond tracing lineage, it can unearth folklore legends and incredible stories about individuals that pursued their dreams, triumphed over adversity, and maybe left an enduring impact on the world.

Ergo, through genealogy, we are not only able to honour our heritage but also gain inspiration from the extraordinary lives that have shaped our collective history.

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Genealogy Ho Ho

    Genealogy is all about chasing your own tale.

    Genealogy: In the end, it’s all relative.

    If you shake your family tree, watch for the nuts to fall.

    Eventually, all genealogists come to their census.

    Genealogists do it in libraries.

    Genealogists are time travellers.

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Conrad Scout Wiltshire-Merrill.
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